• The most complicated budget in Ukraine’s history (press release)

    17.12. 2015

    Kyiv, December 15, 2015. Reducing the share of expenditures on public sector, fiscal decentralization and change of social assistance are the key innovations in the draft state budget for 2016. However, the innovative ideas contained in this document can be fully implemented only when Parliament launches a package of reforms, according to the participants in the debate “The most complicated ... Read more
  • Ukraine’s macroeconomic strategy should be based on cooperation with IMF and peculiarities of internal development – experts

    03.12. 2015

    Kyiv, November 30, 2015.  Ukraine should develop its own macroeconomic strategy, based on cooperation with the IMF. The main efforts should be focused on building a capable economy which would be able to exist without constant financial support from the international donors, announced the participants of the discussion in Ukraine Crisis Media Center on topic “Does Ukraine need its own ... Read more
  • What is the optimum level of public spending in Ukraine? (press release)

    02.11. 2015

    Ukraine is in the top-10 countries with the highest share of public sector spending as a proportion of GDP. At the same time, the state’s institutional capacity to efficiently spend the country’s economic resources is low. A non-optimal level of public spending can annually reduce economic growth by 2.1-4.2 percentage points if the share of public spending in GDP stays ... Read more
  • Lifting of exchange rate restrictions and liberalisation of capital movements: How and when? (Press release)

    12.10. 2015

    Lifting of exchange rate restrictions and liberalisation of capital movements: How and when? Ukraine’s most recent political and economic crisis forced the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) to introduce strict currency regulations in order to stabilise the foreign exchange market and reduce pressure on the national balance of payments. Administrative measures helped to stabilise the situation, but the current tough ... Read more
  • Should Ukraine have market prices for gas? (Press release)

    26.08. 2015

    Historically in Ukraine gas prices for the population have been strictly regulated by the state and are artificially understated compared with market gas prices (on the level of import parity). This causes a number of problems for the economy and the welfare of the population: Low prices do not cover the expenses of “Naftogaz” for buying gas for households, and the ... Read more