• Privatization: Regional context

    23.06. 2018

    The Centre for Economic Strategy is carrying out the project on support of the transparent process of the state enterprises privatisation in the regions. The fair and transparent privatisation devoid of corruption would become a source of investments, which is a requirement for an economic growth, which, in its turn, would result in increased well-being of population, and creation of new jobs. We are confident that liberalisation of the state enterprises from corruption and politicians’ control is possible through privatisation by a strategic investor. A fair and transparent privatisation would also boost performance levels of the Ukrainian enterprises as well as strengthen the positive social effect of their sale. Therefore, project’s purpose is to create a public demand for a fair and transparent privatisation of the Ukrainian enterprises to strategic investors among the population. To that end, the Centre for Economic Strategy shall ... Read more
  • Europeanization Beyond Process: Ukraine

    20.06. 2018

    After Euromaidan followed by Russian aggression in 2014, the Ukrainians see European integration as the only path for Ukraine. Support of EU membership grew from 42% of Ukrainians in 2013 to 57% in June 2017 (“Democratic Initiatives” Foundation poll). Now only 8% prefer closer ties with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. This change took place too fast to be accompanied by a deep europeanization of the Ukrainian society. A good example of this is a fight between Ukrainian civil society and deeply entrenched corrupt system, which took its roots from the Soviet regime. While corruption is perceived as #1 domestic issue, tolerance to corruption throughout the society is still very high. Centre for Economic Strategy, in partnership with RPR, with the support of the Open Society Foundations, initiated the project “Europeanization Beyond Process: Ukraine”. The objective of the project is to initiate a discussion ... Read more