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Banking fragility rooted in justice failures
The rule of law is a general concept covering independence of the judiciary, corruption prevention, non-jobbery, effective law enforcement, and absence of state capture. It influences numerous aspects of public and economic life. CES have studied a specific example of such influence in their ‘Ba...
3 January 2020
How to reform the deposit guarantee system?
The analytical note is devoted to the problem of imperfection of existing bank protection safeguards. In Ukraine, one of such safeguards is the deposit guarantee system for the population. At the same time, it must protect the banks from bank runs, while depositors – from “moral hazard”. I...
27 February 2019
How much does the budget lose due to the lack of good governance?
The lack of the rule of law in Ukraine has been repeatedly called as one of the main reasons for underinvestment, hence the slow economic growth in the country. The positions of Ukraine in the international ratings remain extremely mediocre: according to WJP Rule of Law index Ukraine holds 77...
5 December 2018
How can State Banks Get Rid of Bad Debts?
The crisis of 2014-2015 left the banking system with a huge amount of problem loans. At the same time, in the state banks and DGF (the Deposit Guarantee Fund), there are problem loans at about UAH 600 billion, or 75% of toxic assets in the sector. State banks tend to cope with problem debts much...
5 March 2018
What should the state do with its banks?
Historically, state banks have been acting as an important instrument of the economic development all over the world regardless of the level of economic development in a particular country. In the countries with lower level of economic development, state banks fulfill a wide range of tasks provid...
10 November 2017