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Banking fragility rooted in justice failures
The rule of law is a general concept covering independence of the judiciary, corruption prevention, non-jobbery, effective law enforcement, and absence of state capture. It influences numerous aspects of public and economic life. CES have studied a specific example of such influence in their ‘Ba...
3 January 2020
How can Ukrainian SME grow into national and global champions?
Small and medium companies are the backbone of any national economy. An economy with a high share of strong SMEs enjoys several benefits, such as inclusive and sustainable growth and economic growth based on knowledge and innovation. SMEs are also more flexible and community-embedded. In Germ...
25 September 2019
Ukraine’s Budget Schedules Growth in 2020
First of all, what are your thoughts on this draft law? I think that the draft law on state budget shows some figures, which, I would say, are related to a moderate increase of the budget revenues and expenditures. On the one hand, it isn’t an expansionary budget, on the other hand — it’s goo...
23 September 2019
Principles of reforms in Ukraine: a vision of civil society
“Toronto principles” — is the vision document that describes key Ukraine reform priorities for 2019-2013 and that was developed by a group of civil society experts coordinated by the Reanimation Package of Reforms Coalition between December 2018 and June 2019 through a series of regional and n...
3 July 2019