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Analysis of the effectiveness of “small privatization” auctions. ProZorro. Sales
1454 objects were put up for sale by state authorities during the first 4 months (from August to December 2018) in small privatization auctions through the system of ProZorro. Sales. Only 423 of them were successful. Why did it happen so? In the analytical note “What determines the effecti...
6 March 2019
How to increase investments in the Ukrainian economy through privatization?
The sale of state-owned enterprises to foreign investors will encourage the attraction of private investment, which is a key driver of economic growth. Moreover, the success of investment attraction depends on the method of privatization and on who will be the new owner of the enterprise. Thi...
4 September 2018
How to overcome corruption at the state-owned enterprises?
A 100% privatization of state-owned enterprises is the most effective way to overcome corruption there. This method fights the source of corruption – state ownership for enterprises; it does not fight its consequences. This conclusion was made by the analysts of the Center for Economic Strate...
10 July 2018
What should the state do with its banks?
Historically, state banks have been acting as an important instrument of the economic development all over the world regardless of the level of economic development in a particular country. In the countries with lower level of economic development, state banks fulfill a wide range of tasks provid...
10 November 2017