Invitation to participate in the discussion of the results of “Should Ukraine have market prices for gas?” research

21 August 2015

Dear colleagues,

Centre for Economic Strategy (CES) invites journalists and experts to participate in the discussion on the results of “Should Ukraine have market prices for gas?” research. The event will take place in the Ukraine Crisis Media Center in August 26 at 15.00-16.00 (address: Ukrainian House, European Square, 2 Khreshchatyk Street, Kyiv).

The objective of research on “Should Ukraine have market prices for gas?” is to answer whether it is expedient to transit from low, regulated gas prices for households to market prices.

The analysis of alternatives (to increase (or not) gas prices for households to the market level) demonstrated that market prices for gas have a number of advantages over low, regulated prices in terms of influences on public finances, energy efficiency, dependence on imports, and possibility of corruption. In order to realise these advantages efficiently it is necessary to combine the increase of prices with offsetting measures which will provide a physical reduction of consumption and an adequate level of payments by implementing subsidy mechanisms for low-income groups while addressing non-payers, as well as competitive environment for suppliers.

The research results will be presented by CES deputy director Maria Repko, who is responsible for research coordination in public policy areas focused on providing macroeconomic stability.

CES founders Tomas Fiala and Ivan Mikloš, CES executive director Hlib Vyshlinsky, CES research director Andriy Boytsun will also take part in the discussion.

Simultaneous translation will be provided.

Please confirm your participation before 18:00 of August 25 by email office@ces.org.ua.