About us


Centre for Economic Strategy (CES) is an independent economic policy think tank.

Our Mission

We study public policies and influence them to help the country achieve the sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

We do it by combining research and practical advice on how to improve public policy and advocate changes in the institutions and economic culture of the nation through public dialogue.

Our Principles

We believe that sustainable and inclusive economic growth is not possible without implementation of the following principles:

  • Free and fair competition
  • The reduced role of the state, and its effectiveness increase
  • Rule of law and protection of private property
  • Healthy and stable public finances
  • Economy, which is based on the knowledge
  • Information transparency and freedom of speech

Our Vision

We would like to see the prosperity of Ukraine and well-being of its citizens ensured through the sustainable inclusive economic growth.

Our Manifesto

Our dream is to see Ukraine in 5 years like this:

  1. In Ukraine, management efficiency is estimated by the World Governance Indicators index to the average level for the countries of the region.
  2. GDP grows annually by at least 5% per year. GDP per capita is more than $ 5,000.
  3. The stable macroeconomic environment. The inflation rate is stable, and it is below 6%. The hryvnia exchange rate is flexible.
  4. The credit rating of Ukraine has increased to the highest “speculative” level – BB+, the next step is the “investment” rating.
  5. The Ukrainian financial sector is integrated into the European one. The Ukrainians have the opportunity to use the services available to Europeans through the valid regulations of the domestic market in the field of financial services.
  6. Most of the state-owned enterprises and all state-owned banks have been privatized. Those that remain in state ownership are managed in accordance with the best practices of corporate governance and the recommendations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.


pdfDownload a Manifesto (pdf)

 In 2018-2020, CES is going to focus on having an influence on public policy in four areas:

  1. Effective governance
  2. Macro-sustainability
  3. State ownership
  4. Inclusive growth

To make changes for the better, we work in two stances:

 Institutional changes:

  • we prepare and release research and analytical materials on economic policy issues;
  • we are involved in advocacy activities.

Cultural changes:

  • we influence public opinion through media, making the population be knowledgeable about economic freedom policies;
  • influence the agenda of politicians by means of communication;
  • influence the media, forming an economic discourse.

Centre for Economis Strategy was founded in May 2015.

Our Founders 

  • Tomas Fiala, CEO of Dragon Capital, Ukraine’s leading investment bank
  • Ivan Miklos, former deputy prime minister and minister of finance of the Slovak Republic
  • Slava Vakarchuk, civic activist and musician

CES does not support any political party or any political leader.

Centre for Economic Strategy is a member of Reanimation Package of Reforms – a civic platform that unites leading NGOs and experts from all over Ukraine and serves as a coordination centre of development and implementation of key reforms in Ukraine.

Our funding sources in 2018

SourceAmount, UAH
Charitable contribution from Tomas Fiala5885000
Grant from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH,
acting on behalf of the German Government
Grant from International Renaissance Foundation2570674
Surveys for GFK Ukraine463898
Charitable contribution from Andriy Boytsun 340000
Grant from Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law498393
Grant from Foundation Open Society Institute587411
Land reform survey for World Bank10815
Analysis of state policy on state-owned banks for DAI Global, LLC, Financial Sector Transformation (FST) activity in Ukraine930000
TOTAL REVENUE in 201811534298

Our funding sources in 2017

SourceAmount, UAH
Charitable contribution from Tomas Fiala3690000
Charitable contribution from the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ukraine1509601
Non-repayable financial aid from Dragon Capital Investments1049000
Grant from Foundation Open Society Institute612019
Charity support from Western Nis Enterprise Fund79570
Analysis of types of markets and their regulation features for Arzinger Law Office59400
TOTAL REVENUE in 20176999590

Our funding sources in 2016

SourceAmount, UAH
Charitable contribution from Tomas Fiala4945000
Charitable contribution from Yuriy Vitrenko49500
Analysis of the budget request of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine
for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH,
acting on behalf of the German Government
TOTAL REVENUE in 20165036500

Our funding sources in 2015

SourceAmount, UAH
Charitable contribution from Tomas Fiala3046000
Revenue from research services 6750
TOTAL REVENUE in 20153052750


pdfDownload a presentation about Centre for Economic Strategy (pdf)

pdfAnnual report 2017 (pdf)

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