NBU’s low inflation policy is supported by vast majority of Ukrainians

Ukraine’s inflation rate is acceptable to 94% of Ukrainians surveyed, while 88% of respondents are opposed to the ideas of politicians regarding the higher U.S. dollar rate in the country, and only 1% of citizens believe that the policy of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has led to slow price increase over the last two years, according to a survey conducted by Gradus Research at the request of the Center for Economic Strategy.

“In the Verkhovna Rada’s draft resolution, the parliament’s finance committee accuses the NBU leadership of focusing excessively on reducing inflation and strengthening hryvnia. The results of the survey show that citizens expect from politicians and the NBU exactly stable prices and the national currency rate,” the center’s press service said, citing Executive Director of the Center for Economic Strategy Hlib Vyshlinsky.

According to the survey released by the center, almost 90% of Ukraine’s respondents are convinced that price increases and hryvnia devaluation are beneficial to oligarchs, but not ordinary people.

Among the respondents, who in the second round of the 2019 presidential elections in Ukraine voted for Volodymyr Zelensky, some 64% believe that prices increased too quickly, while among those, who voted for Petro Poroshenko, some 49% are satisfied with the NBU policy on maintaining price stability and some 34% note an excessively rapid rise in prices.

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