Privatization: Regional context

23 June 2018

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The Centre for Economic Strategy is carrying out the project on support of the transparent process of the state enterprises privatisation in the regions.

The fair and transparent privatisation devoid of corruption would become a source of investments, which is a requirement for an economic growth, which, in its turn, would result in increased well-being of population, and creation of new jobs. We are confident that liberalisation of the state enterprises from corruption and politicians’ control is possible through privatisation by a strategic investor. A fair and transparent privatisation would also boost performance levels of the Ukrainian enterprises as well as strengthen the positive social effect of their sale.

Therefore, project’s purpose is to create a public demand for a fair and transparent privatisation of the Ukrainian enterprises to strategic investors among the population.

To that end, the Centre for Economic Strategy shall work within the framework of the project on increasing the awareness of the privatisation processes and the support of the processes by the Ukrainian people, especially in the regions where the large privatisation objects are located.

Project focus — anticorruption and activities in the regions where the large privatisation objects are located: Zaporizhia, Kyiv, Odessa and Kharkiv.

The project frame includes:
• public opinion study to be used as a basis for creating a list of expectations of the population towards the privatisation, and elaborating recommendations on the privatisation process as per such expectations;
• a series of public discussions and workshops for regional public organisations, activists, and media for increasing awareness of population about the privatisation progress.
The project shall be carried out until the end of September.

Within the framework of the project, the public opinion study on the privatisation progress and the public support for this reform shall be published.

The project “Privatisation advocacy with the focus on anti-corruption and regional activity at the locations of the large privatisation objects” is carried out by the Centre for Economic Strategy with the assistance of the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law within the framework of the project «Enhancement of RPR coalition» implemented by the European Union.