Agenda for Ukraine

Agenda for Ukraine is a new initiative of the Bendukidze Free Market Center and the Centre for Economic Strategy. Just as three years ago, Ukraine remains the most corrupt, economically unfree and one of the poorest countries in Europe. The efforts made by the Ukrainian authorities after the victory of the Revolution of Dignity have been insufficient. Focus on support for the status quo prevailed over action on major changes. Unfortunately the new government program, which contains many progressive ideas, is a program of ‘piecemeal’ changes. It sidesteps many problems which require a strong coalition in parliament and support from society. The proposed ideas are not enough in order for Ukraine to enter a path of rapid and sustainable growth. A radical change of agenda can only truly improve the situation. It is necessary to introduce a program of rapid and fundamental reforms, considering international best practices, in order to generate political will in the country. New political forces that share the program’s ideology can use it. Our aim is to prove to Ukrainian society that success is possible and to outline the path that will lead the country to prosperity.