Ukrainian economic recovery tracker

Last update: 12.04.2021

We have updated the tracker data for economic changes during the pandemic. You can subscribe to the newsletters by clicking here. We analyzed the mobility of citizens, job searches and vacancies, payments by Privatbank terminals and Privat24, as well as electricity consumption. We are grateful to Google,,, Jooble, LUN, Ukrenergo, Dragon Capital, Privatbank, Opendatabot, Aviasales, RailwayBot, Poster for providing data for the tracker.

The last week of March was marked by a strong increase in the job supply, an increase in the turnover of cafes and the negative dynamics of job visits and a fall in flat rental prices. At the same time, Ukrainians continue to buy airline tickets actively.

Mobility of Ukrainians

Google data on the mobility of Ukrainian citizens shows that in the last week of March, the number of visits to workplaces (-3% on average per week) and shopping and entertainment centers (-1%) declined, as quarantine restrictions were mainly targeting those categories. In contrast, trips to grocery stores and pharmacies, as well as the use of transport, were almost the same level in the last week of March as compared to the monthly average.

Labor market

Despite the quarantine restrictions, the number of new vacancies rose by 8% in the last week of March. In general, during the month the number of vacancies increased by 18%.

However, the number of searchers during the last week of March was slightly down (-6%) and somewhat lower than the average for March.

Vacancies with the remote work option have not increased despite an overall increase in vacancies, and their share has fallen. In the first few days of April, the percentage of such vacancies fell again to 3.2%. Part-time employment is offered for around 2% of vacancies.


More and more restaurants are closing due to quarantine restrictions (-3% in the first week of April), but active restaurants’ revenues have conversely increased by 3% in the last week. In total, turnover has fallen by 7% for working restaurants since the end of February.

Railway tickets purchases

Railway ticket sales are declining due to red zones restrictions. The market is down 41% in March. Although, RailwayBot data shows that the number of sold rail tickets increased by 4% in the last week.

Airline tickets purchases

Many air routes have opened up for Ukraine, so the demand continues to grow rapidly. In the first week of April, the number of bookings for air travels increased by 9%. When compared to the beginning of March, the number increased by 26%.

Property rentals

Landlords in Kyiv have responded to quarantine restrictions in the form of price cuts since the beginning of April. Last year, due to the inability to get to work, some people left Kyiv, which affected the rental market, so flat owners probably expect a similar reaction during the current quarantine. Studios fell in price by 5.2%, two-rooms by 4.7% and three-rooms by 2%.

Electricity consumption

This year’s quarantine has not yet affected electricity consumption. Consumption is now close to that of 2019, and the deviation from the average has remained the same since the beginning of the year. Note that we adjust electricity consumption by temperature to remove the effect of weather.

Privat24 and POS-terminals

Card payments via POS-terminals have remained relatively stable since mid-May, while transactions via Privat24 increased by 4% on average over the last week (29th of March-3d of April).