Ukrainian economic recovery tracker

Last update: 17.05.2021

We have updated the tracker data for economic changes during the pandemic. You can subscribe to the newsletters by clicking here. We analyzed the mobility of citizens, job searches and vacancies, payments by Privatbank terminals and Privat24, as well as electricity consumption. We are grateful to Google, Work.ua, Rabota.ua, Jooble, LUN, Ukrenergo, Dragon Capital, Privatbank, Opendatabot, Aviasales, RailwayBot, Poster, Transparent, Tripadvisor, Vrbo, booking.com, Airbnb for providing data for the tracker.

This year’s adaptive quarantine has had fewer negative effects on the economy than strict lockdowns in 2020. Railway and airline ticket purchases are much more frequent than last year as most travel restrictions had been lifted. Ukrainians seek jobs more often, and more vacancies are available in the labor market. Restaurant revenues are higher than last year, but have not yet reached the pre-pandemic levels.

Mobility of Ukrainians

This year people have been more mobile. Last year, visits to workplaces were 12% lower, to grocery stores — 16% lower, to entertainment venues – 25% lower. Transit stations have seen the biggest change: the number of visits there last year was lower by a third.

Labor market

The number of vacancies in April 2021 is much higher than in the respective month last year, when the number of vacancies was only 53% of what we observe on the market today.

Job seekers are much more active than last year. However, the number of searchers continues to decline throughout April 2021.

Vacancies with the remote work option have not increased despite an overall increase in vacancies, and their share has fallen. In the first few days of April, the percentage of such vacancies fell again to 3.2%. Part-time employment is offered for around 2% of vacancies.


Restaurants have been seriously impacted by COVID-19. In April 2020, when the strict lockdown measures had been introduced, the number of open restaurants was only a third of that before the pandemic. Today, this number is up to 69%. Restaurant revenues almost recovered in March 2021, reaching 97% of the pre-pandemic level, yet they are now down again at 78%. To compare, in April 2020 the number stood at only 22%.

Railway tickets purchases

In late March 2020, all train services stopped due to the strict lockdown. Travel restrictions were only lifted at the end of May; no railway tickets were sold in April 2020. Purchases were on the rise in the beginning of this year. Now that new lockdowns have been imposed in different regions around Ukraine, they fell again to 51% of the pre-pandemic level.

Airline tickets purchases

With more and more international destinations opening up for tourists, Ukrainians are eager to catch up. Demand for air travel has been steadily increasing and is now, in May 2021, at 113% of the pre-pandemic level striking contrast to that, airline tickets purchases fell as low as 8% of the pre-pandemic level in April last year.

Property rentals

Property rental prices are higher than last year with the highest increase in three-rooms (+19%) and two-rooms (+12%), while studios prices are only 5% higher than in May 2020.


People have been booking more vacation rentals this year. In May 2021, the number of properties booked per week is higher than in the respective month in 2019 (+9%). Moreover, occupancy continues increasing and now is 23% of what we observed at the end of April this year.

Electricity consumption

Electricity consumption in 2021 stays relatively stable at the levels of 2019. In April 2021 consumption was 13% higher today than during the strict lockdown in April 2020.

Privat24 and POS-terminals

Both card payments via POS-terminals and transactions via Privat24 are higher than last year. During the strict lockdown in April 2020, the number of POS-terminal payments was at 90% of pre-pandemic level, now it stands at 140%.