CES cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine on “The Way to Prosperity – Founding Principles for Economic Growth” strategy document

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (MEDT) has developed a document defining the basic principles of economic reform –The Way to Prosperity. The document was produced by the MEDT in cooperation with an external expert group managed by Ivan Miklos, co-founder of the Centre for Economic Strategy (CES). The expert group included Olena Bilan, chief economist of Dragon Capital, and CES senior adviser; CES Executive Director Hlib Vyshlinskiy.

The main objective of the document is to accelerate Ukraine’s reforms and establish a single vision for economic policy. “The Way to Prosperity” will be used as a guide in analysing legal acts in this area. This document is not aimed at replacing or updating such documents as Ukraine’s EU Association Agreement, Strategy 2020, Government Program 2015, Coalition Agreement, or IMF Memorandum.

“The Way to Prosperity” defines five fundamental principles that should be core to public policy for ensuring economic growth:

  • Supremacy of law
  • Protection of property rights
  • Zero tolerance to corruption
  • Free and fair competition
  • Small but effective state

The document provides a framework and logic of WHY and HOW to conduct reforms, defines the most important directions of structural reforms and key measures for their acceleration.

The presentation of the Way to Prosperity strategy for mass media took place on the 10th of July, 2015.